Jon Wright: Blue-E Cattle Stud

Today we speak to Jon Wright from the Blue-E cattle stud in Woodstock NSW, the stud breeds Angus-Shorthorn Crosses with a strong focus on increasing livestock feed efficiency. We talk about why increasing feed efficiency is important and the benefits that it can provide producers with at a farm level along with the benefits itContinue reading “Jon Wright: Blue-E Cattle Stud”

Drones in Ag with Meg Kummerow

Today we talk to Meg Kummerow from Fly The Farm about the role of drones in agriculture, we discuss who’s using this technology and why. Drones are playing a larger role in farming across both the cropping and livestock industries filling various rolls including crop scouting, mustering, NDVI, spraying and more. We also touch theContinue reading “Drones in Ag with Meg Kummerow”

Wednesday Tec Talk: Beneficial Insects

Today’s Wednesday Tec Talk comes as a listener suggestion and we talk IPM or Integrated Pest Management and beneficial insects. We talk about the types of insects in farming, what a beneficial insect is and why farmers should be trying to promote beneficials in their farming and agricultural systems. We also briefly touch on GMContinue reading “Wednesday Tec Talk: Beneficial Insects”

Wednesday Tec Talk: Seed Treatments

In last weeks Tec Talk I briefly mentioned that our seed was treated, so this week I thought I’d go over what seed treatments are and why we use them. Basically seed treatments can be broken down to three different types of treatments including insecticides, fungicides and biological treatments. All of these treatments serve aContinue reading “Wednesday Tec Talk: Seed Treatments”

Robert Mackenzie: Macka’s Beef

Robert Mackenzie in the owner and operator of Macka’s Beef. Established in 1884, Macka’s has been proudly family owned and operated by four generations. Operating from a number a property’s between Williamtown and Gloucester Macka’s use only the world’s best genetics to breed quality, grass-fed Australian Black Angus Beef cattle and export their beef allContinue reading “Robert Mackenzie: Macka’s Beef”

Wednesday Tec Talk: Water Quality

Following on from last weeks talk on water rates it seems fitting that this week I talk about water quality. In a ideal world we would do all our spraying with rain water, naturally filtered and free from impurities. But in the real world this is generally not a option and bore water is oftenContinue reading “Wednesday Tec Talk: Water Quality”

Cover Crops: Why and How

There’s been a growing interest in cover crops over the last few years particularly in regenerative farming circles with people like Gabe Brown showcasing their work on YouTube. But do they have a fit in the Australian broadacre context? A cover crop is a crop that is grown solely for the purpose of providing groundContinue reading “Cover Crops: Why and How”

Wednesday Tec Talk: Yield Potential

In broadacre dryland farming your yield potential is fixed before the first seed is sown and every decision you make will likely reduce it, the only question is by how much. As a crops yield potential is dictated by rainfall in crop and how much rain is captured in the the fallow. From there theContinue reading “Wednesday Tec Talk: Yield Potential”