Rob Eccles – High Performance Pastures

This week we talk with independent agronomist Rob Eccles on High Performance Pastures and how they can be utilised to not only fill the winter feed gap but also increase stock turnover, increase weight gain, stocking rates and carcase quality. We cover everything including what is a high performance pasture, how to prepare for aContinue reading “Rob Eccles – High Performance Pastures”

Wednesday Tec Talk: Free Living Nitrogen Fixation

Free Living Nitrogen Fixation (FLNF) is where organisms in the soil fix nitrogen from the atmosphere and make it plant available in the soil. Unlike rhizobia found in legumes these organisms aren’t fixed to a plant and live freely in the soil with some producing more nitrogen than their legume equivalents. But unlike the rhizobiaContinue reading “Wednesday Tec Talk: Free Living Nitrogen Fixation”

Trofim Lysenko, The Worlds Worst Agro – A Cocky’s History Lesson

Trofim Lysenko was a soviet scientist who mixed politics with his pseudo-scientific ideas leading to deaths to the deaths of 10’s of millions through starvation from famine. He also managed to single handily set back the soviet scientific community in the field of biology by over half a centaury through the suppression of people andContinue reading “Trofim Lysenko, The Worlds Worst Agro – A Cocky’s History Lesson”

Boosting Production and Sustainability Through Agtech with John Fargher – Agriwebb

On todays podcast we talk to John Fargher, the co-founder & Chief revenue officer of Agriwebb about the role that Agtech can play in farming businesses to enhance production and profitability along with sustainability. We discuss the current state of livestock production in Australia, how we compare to other major players in the global beefContinue reading “Boosting Production and Sustainability Through Agtech with John Fargher – Agriwebb”

Jon Wright: Blue-E Cattle Stud

Today we speak to Jon Wright from the Blue-E cattle stud in Woodstock NSW, the stud breeds Angus-Shorthorn Crosses with a strong focus on increasing livestock feed efficiency. We talk about why increasing feed efficiency is important and the benefits that it can provide producers with at a farm level along with the benefits itContinue reading “Jon Wright: Blue-E Cattle Stud”

Drones in Ag with Meg Kummerow

Today we talk to Meg Kummerow from Fly The Farm about the role of drones in agriculture, we discuss who’s using this technology and why. Drones are playing a larger role in farming across both the cropping and livestock industries filling various rolls including crop scouting, mustering, NDVI, spraying and more. We also touch theContinue reading “Drones in Ag with Meg Kummerow”

Wednesday Tec Talk: Beneficial Insects

Today’s Wednesday Tec Talk comes as a listener suggestion and we talk IPM or Integrated Pest Management and beneficial insects. We talk about the types of insects in farming, what a beneficial insect is and why farmers should be trying to promote beneficials in their farming and agricultural systems. We also briefly touch on GMContinue reading “Wednesday Tec Talk: Beneficial Insects”

Wednesday Tec Talk: Seed Treatments

In last weeks Tec Talk I briefly mentioned that our seed was treated, so this week I thought I’d go over what seed treatments are and why we use them. Basically seed treatments can be broken down to three different types of treatments including insecticides, fungicides and biological treatments. All of these treatments serve aContinue reading “Wednesday Tec Talk: Seed Treatments”