Wednesday Tec Talk: Beneficial Insects

Today’s Wednesday Tec Talk comes as a listener suggestion and we talk IPM or Integrated Pest Management and beneficial insects. We talk about the types of insects in farming, what a beneficial insect is and why farmers should be trying to promote beneficials in their farming and agricultural systems. We also briefly touch on GM and how genetically modified crops have allowed farmers to use less pesticides and promote greater insect diversity.

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Know your Beneficials: Green Lacewings - Hobby Farms | Lacewing, Insects,  Hobby farms
A Lacewing is a beneficial insect


Published by Martin

I'm a UNI student at UNE in Armidale, I've worked on a cotton farm from in Moree NSW and have spent a year working on a cattle station in the NT. I have a passion for agriculture, aviation and promoting agriculture in Australia.

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