Rob Eccles – High Performance Pastures

This week we talk with independent agronomist Rob Eccles on High Performance Pastures and how they can be utilised to not only fill the winter feed gap but also increase stock turnover, increase weight gain, stocking rates and carcase quality. We cover everything including what is a high performance pasture, how to prepare for a high performance pasture, how to fertiliser a high performance pasture and how to effectively graze a high performance pasture.

Its a great episode and I really got a lot out of it and have been considering how High Performance Pastures can be part of my own farming system.

Rob’s Paper on High Performance Pastures

Rob’s Facebook Page


Published by Martin

I'm a UNI student at UNE in Armidale, I've worked on a cotton farm from in Moree NSW and have spent a year working on a cattle station in the NT. I have a passion for agriculture, aviation and promoting agriculture in Australia.

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