Wednesday Tec Talk: Hard to Kill Weeds

There are many reasons a weed may become hard to kill, this could from herbicide resistance or they may just be naturally to kill like Windmill grass or Feathertop Rhodes. However while they are difficult to kill there is two main reasons why they should be killed wherever possible as if they aren’t they’ll robContinue reading “Wednesday Tec Talk: Hard to Kill Weeds”

Wednesday Tec Talk: Fungicides

This new segment will be a short weekly podcast talking about something from the technical side of farming which could include anything from a discussion on ground cover to herbicide usage, worms in sheep or the application of new technology. Hopefully you’ll enjoy it. Today’s tec talk is on the use of fungicides in broadContinue reading “Wednesday Tec Talk: Fungicides”

Welcome to the In The Paddock Podcast

This new fortnightly podcast aims to help give you the tools you need to boost your farming business, whether that’s through talking about ways to improve your farms production, interviewing other farmers and finding out how they run their business or interviewing experts in the field on the methods you can employ on the farm.Continue reading “Welcome to the In The Paddock Podcast”