Boosting Production and Sustainability Through Agtech with John Fargher – Agriwebb

On todays podcast we talk to John Fargher, the co-founder & Chief revenue officer of Agriwebb about the role that Agtech can play in farming businesses to enhance production and profitability along with sustainability. We discuss the current state of livestock production in Australia, how we compare to other major players in the global beef industry and why we need to change to maintain our competitive edge, keeping markets open to Australian beef. Specifically we talk about role that Agriwebb software can play in simplifying daily record keeping while also making passing accreditation audits so much more simpler.

To find out more about Agriwebb and what it has to offer or to start your 14 day free trial click here

Listen to the full podcast here on Spotify


Published by Martin

I'm a UNI student at UNE in Armidale, I've worked on a cotton farm from in Moree NSW and have spent a year working on a cattle station in the NT. I have a passion for agriculture, aviation and promoting agriculture in Australia.

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