Wednesday Tec Talk: Water Quality

Following on from last weeks talk on water rates it seems fitting that this week I talk about water quality. In a ideal world we would do all our spraying with rain water, naturally filtered and free from impurities.

But in the real world this is generally not a option and bore water is often used for spraying. Bore water can be high in bicarbonates making it hard, have a high pH or be saline. All of theses factors affect the efficacy of different herbicides.

The way to find out what will and won’t work is to get your water tested. It’s cheap and simple and will let you know of your water is hard, saline or high pH. If you know the water quality you can determine what chemicals are affected and come up with a way to make them work better.

For more info check out GRDC and the table below.

Spray Quality Chart

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I'm a UNI student at UNE in Armidale, I've worked on a cotton farm from in Moree NSW and have spent a year working on a cattle station in the NT. I have a passion for agriculture, aviation and promoting agriculture in Australia.

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