Wednesday Tec Talk: Water Quality

Following on from last weeks talk on water rates it seems fitting that this week I talk about water quality. In a ideal world we would do all our spraying with rain water, naturally filtered and free from impurities. But in the real world this is generally not a option and bore water is oftenContinue reading “Wednesday Tec Talk: Water Quality”

Wednesday Tec Talk: Water Rates

The water rate is the total volume of water applied per hectare that carries the chemical onto its target. While it’s often the thing that is wound back to speed up the job and let you get to the pub sooner it can be incredibly important and be the difference between a good spray andContinue reading “Wednesday Tec Talk: Water Rates”

Wednesday Tec Talk: Yield Potential

In broadacre dryland farming your yield potential is fixed before the first seed is sown and every decision you make will likely reduce it, the only question is by how much. As a crops yield potential is dictated by rainfall in crop and how much rain is captured in the the fallow. From there theContinue reading “Wednesday Tec Talk: Yield Potential”

Wednesday Tec Talk: Hard to Kill Weeds

There are many reasons a weed may become hard to kill, this could from herbicide resistance or they may just be naturally to kill like Windmill grass or Feathertop Rhodes. However while they are difficult to kill there is two main reasons why they should be killed wherever possible as if they aren’t they’ll robContinue reading “Wednesday Tec Talk: Hard to Kill Weeds”